Council of All Beings - Sun

Chris Harris

Chris Harris / August 23, 2021

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August 23rd, 2021. Before the council of all beings, I remembered my previous sympathetic encounters. I had been fascinated with the explainable Orca Behaviour recently and had been pacified by kind spirits of water snakes in the outer Berlin lakes.

Arriving, sat on the canal boat we settled and joined council. I closed my eyes and the cycling through choice spirits stopped. I cleared all thoughts, attuned sensitivities, and opened up receptively. Feeling the water swaying us, sensing the ripples, seeing the scattered photons of the sun on the water's dynamic surface, impressed upon my minds eye.

I evaporated, merged with the sun's rays, and reassembled upstream, to arrive at the roaring body of the sun itself.

It was the sun I was to speak for.

I asked the sun for permission and it was cavalier in it's grant. Sun spoke through me in a loud, stable, and calmly forceful tone. A humming vibration that ensured a consistent intensity.

Sun did not have any concerns itself, it will burn for billions more years.

Sun sees Earth dweller concern. It encourages the humans and other guardians that it is not out to burn and scorch them, it is largely indifferent and would like to see them flourish, but the earth beings must work together in order the attenuate and harness the intense power Sun.

Forgetting Sun's enduring intensity is perilous.

The sun will continue to burn with stable radiance and forceful flares, these can be life-enhancing or dangerously decimating.

Please earthlings - work together to stay cool.

*The Council of all beings is from The Work That Reconnects by Joanna Macy and was wonderfully facilitated on this river boat occasion by Phoebe Tickell as part of her practice of Moral Imaginations

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