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Chris Harris is a creative technologist, full-stack product engineer and quixotic polymath. Xe is interested in distributed social technologies and ecological planetary intelligence.

Chris was born between Morocco and Spain in the British-Mediterranean peninsula of Gibraltar and currently lives in Berlin.

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I ran out of things to hack in Gibraltar as an early teen; all my radio-control cars were re-soldered to run off solar power, the school networks were administrable through backdoors, and the lottery results database yielded to crafty requests. I earned a living building & breaching web developments in my late teens and travelled far outside of Europe before acquiescing into the English drizzle and the semi-standardised education at the University of Leeds, in order study Artificial Intelligence.

There - I practised Human-Computer-Interaction, bio-mimicry, natural language processing, computer vision and general computer science. After graduating, I cut my teeth in the R&D of professional software at a boutique radio-systems engineering lab.

After consulting at software firms, and feeling naively capable of building anything, I proceeded to repeatedly chew the startup founder glass in attempting to champion product, communications, business and people - bankrupting myself enough times through a mix of self-starts and collabs to learn that real life mechanisms are complex, socially-dynamic, systems and that products only grow when positioned to their right environment and shaped to their natural niche.

I specialise in participatory product engineering through research, development, content and strategy. I offer consulting to teams involved in creative ecology and/or moral technology. More about my work here.

I believe in healing technology and the planet by designing tools with a transformational potential. A bias towards hyper-cooperative collective intelligence, a respected interioceptive awareness of aliveness, and a networked plurality of culturally regenerative zoesis'.

When I'm not otherwise cybernetically tethered, you might find me practising and teaching PranaYoga, hiking, and walking along saltwater songlines. I love snorkelling past florescent sea grass and eye gazing with octopuses. I'm often free-diving into a bunch of micro & macro bioscenesent paraphernalia from mushroom foraging and microalgea cultivation to solstice rituals and eco-centric human development.

Confused whether I should have studied art instead of A.I, I sometimes practice inter-species communication with minerals, generate digital artwork, interview transformational designers, and write about the tech commons future.

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